A task force focused on the creation of a new performing arts centre in Kelowna has begun its deliberations, a vital step in enriching the cultural life of the Central Okanagan.

Our group, Citizens for a New Performing Arts Centre, advocated strongly for the establishment of this task force, so we’re pleased that their work recently got underway.

Among top priorities, the 10-member group is to identify partnership and philanthropic opportunities, increase integration among stakeholders, and engage with the public. Chaired by Mayor Tom Dyas, task force members, representing a broad cross-section of interests and expertise, will meet for eight consecutive months. They are to prepare an interim report to city staff in June, with a final report and recommendations due in October.

We are confident that the task force understands the importance of moving forward with the creation of a performing arts centre suited to our fast-growing and dynamic community. We strongly encourage and support them in their deliberations, and stand ready to assist in any way we can.

For more information on Citizens for a New Performing Arts Centre, please contact us at [email protected]